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Privacy Policy

- posted and effective from March 28, 2014

Young-I gives top priority to your personal information. Our policies are guided by the laws of India. Collection, use and disclosure of your information will be as per the law.

1. We are only responsible for the personal information which is under our control. The content provided by our service has content or web links that lead to illegal or adult information, we are not responsible by any litigation for it as we do not control or monitor the content or the privacy practices of magazines and other websites.

2. You will be required to authenticate details about your name, email address for requesting to publishing content through Young-I.

3. For making a purchase, Young-I will request you for more information to complete the process and this information will be stored in your account until you want our help to remove them. Other information may include personal information, email addresses, passwords, subscription details, billing addresses, etc.

4. Young-I has the right to store the information regarding your usage of the service and may share these with third parties including publishers. 5. Your user account is secure and is protected by your password.

6. Your personal information will only be disclosed with your consent and not otherwise, unless required by the law.

7. Personal information is collected by fair and lawful means. Such information collected has limited use, like Young-I user profile as per our company policy.

8. All personal information is protected by security safeguards depending on the sensitivity of the information. Your financial data or billing information is treated with utmost concern and security.